3 Must-Have Products to Transform Your Hair

StoneStream Shower Head Filter

It starts with the water you wash your hair with - and not the products you're using. The mineral content in hard water can have negative effects on your hair. If you refer to my back story, it's no wonder I had a good hair day at a certain special occasion. The water I used to wash my hair that morning was pure. But I didn't know it was the  water that saved the day back then. Fast forward to now and having used a shower head filter for the past few months, my hair, from the first use, changed my hair wash game. What i didn't realise was that living in a hard water area was having a detrimental effect on my hair.

What I have learned is that the impurities and mineral deposits (namely calcium and magnesium) in the hard water were creating a build up in my hair and it was making it feel rough, heavy and dull. The minerals were stripping away the natural oils from my hair, leading to dry, frizzy hair, difficulty in styling, scalp issues and hair fall. From the first use of the StoneStream Shower Head Filter, I noticed a lot less of my hair shedding when blow drying it but I also found that my hair was a lot more manageable and shinier. A huge difference from before using this shower filter. If simply installing a showerhead that filters the water is all it takes to achieve healthier hair, I can't recommend this simple solution enough. It simply screws onto your existing shower hose and starts filtering the water when you switch the shower on. It provides cleaner, softer shower water for instant and tangible results to hair and skin.

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Philip B Rejuvenating Oil

A must have for your haircare regime. It is a little bottle of magic with multiple uses for all hair types. It contains soothing pure plant and essential oils including jojoba, rosemary, ylang ylang and lavender and quite literally rejuvenates dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Use it as a pre wash treatment and leave on for 20 minutes or even overnight and wash your hair in the morning. Either way your hair will feel healthy, silky and soft from the very first application. The difference it makes can be felt and seen. For me, my hair feels lightweight and the feeling lasts until my next hair wash day. From the spa like aroma experience when you leave it in your hair of a Sunday morning to its ability to balance out oil production for a lightweight feeling, the Philip B Rejuvenating Oil is a must have to transform your hair. It repairs and hydrates and I use it regularly, but also before special occasions and especially before travelling for on the go, carefree and manageable hair. The lightweight feeling lasts, hair is frizz free and you know you've found the hair oil that actually works. Highly recommended.

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Denman D3 Styling Hairbrush

I recently discovered this beauty again. A classic and it works. I remember using it as a teenager and I am back to using it as my everyday hairbrush. It literally glides through the hair without catching or dragging even when hair is wet. Its so easy to detangle with it at the point before blow drying your hair. And as for using it as a blow dry brush, it works so well, it gently grips and smooths the hair like a dream, that it surprises me everytime. A sleek, frizz free finish everytime. The smooth rounded pins minimise damage to the hair cuticle. A daily haircare essential and definitely an all rounder.

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