Arrive at your destination with smooth, manageable hair. Look after your hair on the go (or while you sleep) with our collection of 100% pure silk haircare products and accessories. 100% silk is completely smooth and is gentle on the hair. Renowned for its skin and haircare benefits, silk glides across the hair to reduce frizz and retain moisture in the hair. The hair cuticle instead of raising and creating frizz in damp, windy or humid conditions will lie flat and be smooth.

Perfect for the daily commute, on the go, outdoor activities and travel. For all hair types and good hair days.

Silkee 100% pure silk haircare wear collection

Discover our range of luxurious pure silk haircare products and accessories. From mulberry silk pillowcases to silk hair wraps and silk beanie hats, our collection will keep your hair protected and feeling it's best while on go, when travelling or while you sleep.

Benefits of 100% silk for hair

Silk has a completely smooth surface which reduces friction on the hair and minimises hair damage. Unlike cotton or other materials which can be harsh on the hair, silk helps to keep the hair cuticle hydrated and smooth.

The smooth surface of silk helps to reduce frizz and static in the hair making it easier to manage and style. It retains the natural oils in the hair. Silk does not absorb moisture like other materials can so it prevents hair from getting dry.

Silk also helps to maintain your hairstyle for longer, reducing the need for constant re-touching and styling.

Care instructions

Dry clean only or hand wash using mild detergent

Do not tumble dry

Do not bleach

Iron on low setting if required

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