At Home Hair

The good news - one of the benefits of lockdown is having the time to indulge in a few extra home beauty treatments. Being back in full lockdown has meant a definite break from the daily commute with the associated stress and pollution. We are able dedicate time in the mornings and/or evenings to create a regular self-care routine. At home beauty treatments as well as other self-care such as exercise, nutritious food and quality sleep are all currently manageable from home. We are able to indulge in weekly treatments such as hair or face masks, look after our nails, grow out our eyebrows and even enjoy a pedicure. Lockdown is the perfect time to create a regular routine and who knows, we could come out of lockdown looking and feeling younger!

The bad news - being in full lockdown has meant that the salons have been shut, for a while now! And with more Zoom calls taking place with work, school, family and friends; have definitely made us feel more conscious of our faces and hair than ever before. It’s definitely time to get your haircare routine in order! Eyes, hair and smile are the first things people notice on video calls. Ensure to perfect your blow dry routine and indulge in a weekly hair mask for manageable hair. And while you enjoy a good nights sleep, reap the benefits of having good hair days with 100% pure silk. Even more feel good weaponry to achieve smooth, manageable hair. Chilly winter walks coupled with lack of a hair trim mean lots of split ends and frizz being out of control. Protect your hair during long winter walks, the wool fibres in your beanie hat can rub against the hair cuticle, damaging the hair shaft causing dreaded halo frizz effect. A 100% silk beanie hat will care for your hair strands even while you’re out and about and on the go.