Avoid these Hair Mistakes - Maintain and Manage Healthier Hair

Too much heat reminder

Most of us have our go to heated hair tools and are unable to live without them. They're quick and convenient but make sure to not subject your hair to heat for too long. Regular deep conditioning and oiling enable you to maintain your hair at home to prevent further damage and could mean you don't reach for the hair straighteners quite so often. A heat protectant spray before use of a heated tool is essential.

Take a break, not too often and go easy

Hair bleach - the most damaging of all for hair. Try to avoid bleaching your hair as much as possible. It raises the cuticle leading to dryness and causes hair to weaken and break as bleach when applied affects the outer and inner cuticle of the hair and removes pigment from your hair strands in order to lighten them. The main way to save it is to have regular trims or invest in bond building products and the recent popularity of the Olaplex range has enabled consumers to at least conduct at-home bond building treatments. It's also important to ensure your hairdresser doesn't leave the bleach on for too long.

Treat wet hair with care

Avoid rubbing and towel drying your hair with regular towels. A microfibre hair towel such as the Silkee Quick Dry Mictifibre Hair Towel has a soft, smooth touch microfibre fabric to care for the hair cuticle and it is highly absorbent so reduces blow dry time. 

Do not brush or comb hair too vigorously especially when the hair is wet. This can damage hair, raise the cuticle and cause the the hair to look frizzy. Use a wide tooth comb, a Denman Cassic hairbrush or Wetbrush in order to de-tangle your hair with ease without damaging it.

Wear it to protect it

Avoid tight, harsh elastic hair ties as these can cause damage and cause hair fall even more. Instead use hair ties surrounded in soft cotton, satin or silk.

The chlorine in swimming pools drys out your hair quite considerably especially if you're a regular swimmer. Ensure to wear a protective swim hat while you swim to prevent drying the hair out.