Product Spotlight - Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray

When you find a hair product that actually works, you just know it's one less thing to worry about - especially when you have an upcoming camping trip, a European driving holiday - and a wedding incoming, all in quick succession. A quick and effective solution was needed - and I just knew the new Colour Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray was going to work.

Having previously used the Color Wow Root Cover Up product in the same range, it was the confidence I had in the brand, knowing the quality of the products as well as coming across all the online rave reviews, I knew the Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray was the solution needed, especially for an upcoming camping trip here in the UK. And just what a classic British camping trip is renowned for, it rained - all day. But no matter, my hair was saved.

I was able to prep my hair with the Dreamcoat Spray ahead of the trip. It was the ultimate test. It was easy to use as it has a weightles clear, water texture. I aimed for a just damp feel before simply spraying the product and saturating the hair with it before blowdrying. It completely transformed how my hair looked and felt and it just gave it a healthy kind of smoothness - with no frizz. 

While it rained heavily that day, my hair stayed like it did when I blowdried it a day earlier. I was able worry less and have more confidence, which was a great feeling. How does it work? It blocks humidity and literally "waterproofs" the hair by sealing hair strands to make them more silky and smooth. The product is heat-activated so it is just a case of spraying the product on just damp hair (not wet) and blowdrying your hair in order for it to work. I always have it to hand now.

"Dreamcoat" - it's in the name and I highly recommend. Shop the Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray here


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