Why is No One Talking About What Hard Water is Doing to our Hair?

If you are noticing that your hair feels rough, dry, dull, that your colour fades quickly, and have difficulty in styling, it could be the water you're washing your hair with - and no matter which shampoo or conditioner you use and how much you spend on these products - they won't improve your dull, dry, unruly hair.

The minerals and impurities that are present in hard water (in particular calcium and magnesium) actually build up on the hair and strip away the natural oils that are present, making it feel dry and brittle and lead to scalp issues - and even hair fall that can be seen at the bottom of your shower tray.

The best thing I did for my hair was to use the StoneStream Shower Head Filter - and from the very first use, it changed my hair wash game.

I, myself suffered all of the above from living in a hard water area  - it was having a detrimental effect on my hair. I have used all manner of haircare products - from the luxe and expensive through to the promising claims on the bottles of shampoos and conditioners on drugstore shelves - but nothing worked unlike the shower head filter I bought quite recently in fact. It changed and eliminated the chlorine and other impurities present in our water and greatly improved the water quality.

I found that there was less hair fall, my hair was easier to style and it was definitely more shiny and manageable. It was from the very first use of the StoneStream Shower Head Filter and all it took was to replace my current showerhead and screw the new StoneStream shower head onto my existing shower hose. It was that quick and super easy to install - and it continues to "shower" me with great hair! 

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